Technology's Impact on Real Estate Sales and Brokerage

The Future of Real Estate Brokerage

Technology is completely reshaping the real estate industry, especially the sales and leasing experience.  It's also redefining real estate brokerage firms and organizations as they strive to increase sales and leasing activities by delivering a more engaged and personal experience, whenever and wherever the customers needs it, fulfilling the omni-channel promise of on-demand real estate, creating the next generation of real estate brokerage.

There is no shortage of technology platforms and tools made available to assist sales and leasing real estate professionals.  Today, a real estate professionals day - to - day performance and a large majority of activities are supported by tools across the entire sales process.  However, key metrics from RE:Tech Insight show that the performance of sales and leasing real estate professionals has not increased.  Despite broad investment into enterprise sales tools, technology, and automation, by real estate companies, all indications are that the return on investment from those tools is falling short.  While sales training is vital to a real estate professionals success, it has been disputed that digital and technological products may be underperforming.

This fundamental disconnect in objectives impacts many aspects of a real estate professionals operations, from goal setting and performance expectations, to day to day operations and use of technology tools.