NYC's Billion Dollar Startup Club

NYC's Billion Dollar Startup Club & Their Impact on Real Estate

New research from RE:Tech › Insight reports that 30% of the Top 10 Unicorn companies in NYC have a office footprint less than 10,000 SF.  The average valuation amongst the top ten unicorn startup companies is $12.5 billion with an average real estate footprint of 41,608 square feet. Amongst NYC's billion dollar club, WeWork HQ ($10 billion) has the largest footprint with 115,400 square feet while InMobi ($2.5 billion) has the smallest with 4,498 square feet of office space.

Key Stats:

  • Average Valuation: $12.5B
  • Average Total Equity Funding: $1.23B
  • Average Office Size: 41,608 SF
  • Average Price/SF: $65.00/SF