Bridging Commercial Real Estate's Gender Gap with Technology

The gender gap in commercial real estate has been a well documented fact in workplace equality and opportunity.  However, a new RE:Tech › Insight research is proving that digital fluency—the extent to which both men and women have embraced digital technologies to achieve a competitive advantage—is helping to close this gender gap and level the playing field for women in the workplace.

Emerging technology, such as apps, wearables, and innovative software has created new opportunities for women in commercial real estate. And the future looks promising as millennials mature and move into the ranks of leadership at work.

"In the past women were hesitant to help other women in the industry simply because opportunities were limited," according to a female commercial real estate broker in NYC.  However as technology continues to bridge the gender divide, "women have become more vocal about creating opportunities for everyone, especially for other women."  


Digital Fluency - Men vs Women

Women are 5X more like to use new technology than men

According to the RE:Tech › Insight study, women in commercial real estate were 5X more likely to use or experiment with early stage technology than men.  "Apps and mobile technology are creating opportunities and allowing leading female brokers to be more agile and gain new business," according to a female commercial real estate broker in NYC.  In terms of marketing and outreach, women were 10X more active on social media than men.  

Collectively,  the ratio of men to women working in commercial real estate brokerage in NYC was 7:3.  


Research: Qualitative Study - Sample of 200 NYC Agents/Brokers.