$3.9 Billion Invested in Real Estate Tech

Real Estate Tech.  Venture capitalists invested $3.9 Billion in 26 Deals year to date, according to data by Crunchbase.  Carried by WeWork's $3 Billion investment by SoftBank, overall the global real estate tech sector has been off to a strong start.  Improving on investor confidence, mid-market investments, funding ranging from $1 million - $5 million, represented 46% of invested companies, pointing to a healthy overall growth in market activity.

Coworking.  Since the highly publicized success of WeWork, coworking has become big business.  WeWork, the leading coworking brand raised over $3 Billion in venture capital.  Knotel raised over $25 Million, financing the firm's rapid growth.  Collectively, the coworking sector raised over $3.25 billion in VC funding.