5 Ways Real Estate Companies Can Innovate like Startups

For some real estate professionals, innovation and entrepreneurship comes naturally.  They are the ones that launch innovate real estate tech companies or join a team of innovative real estate thought leaders.  However, for other real estate companies and professionals, innovation may not come as easily -- resulting in operational inefficiencies, lack of talent, and overall diminishing results and revenue. 

While today's savvy real estate professionals are shaping the culture of their company, innovating from within a company, intrapreneurship, is equally as important as on-boarding new technology to drive positive results. 

5 Ways Companies Can Innovate like Real Estate Tech Startups

Innovation doesn't happen through osmosis. ›  Simply on-boarding new technology doesn't make you innovative.  Innovation must be a priority.  Broad-based goals might help with expediting your sales team, but it does little to nothing with sparking innovation. Perhaps the worst thing a company can do is give marching orders to a sales team without any real achievable innovative goals. The result, a slue of disgruntled and underperforming team members, employees, and/or brokers - agents.

Be Authentic ›  Many real estate professionals exude the maverick-hotshot persona, however intrapreneurs exhibit the traits of confidence and humility.  Authenticity, integrity, and caring are key traits that drive miraculous accomplishments and gaining new business. 

Be a Business Innovator ›  No one likes a yes man/women.  All leaders and leading companies have an opinion, and you should too.  Having an opinion will reinforce your authenticity and will make you an expert in your field.    

Network with Leaders›  If you want to grow your business, networking is vital to your personal growth and business success. Constantly emailing creates a cluttered message. Personal relationships enable you to stand out and personally connect with people.  

Time of the Essence › Innovative strategies and solutions need time to develop. If you want to be an innovative real estate professional or have a innovative real estate company, don't get consumed with chasing short-term targets.  Set a "free" time line with short-term targets and long-term goals. After you achieved your short-term targets, measure whats meaningful.