3 Secrets to a Successful Meeting in the Digital Age

In the age of innovation and technology, the humanistic element of meetings is more important than ever.  Meetings are a critical component of any great sales and relations culture.  This is your opportunity to build a business, gain a new customer/client, or maintain relationships.  The one key component to any meeting is trust and respect.  Meetings help build trust between people, clients, and customers.  

3 Keys to drive actionable results at your next real estate meeting:

1 › Don't look at your watch/phone.   Your client should be your only focus.  You're there to retain/gain business.  One way to do so is by being polite.   Being polite goes a long way.  If you have an important meeting directly following your current meeting, schedule your meetings better.  It is never acceptable to look at your phone/watch.  It's one of the fastest ways to lose business.

2 › Have a strong agenda.  Be prepared.  Being prepared will lead to having a strong agenda so that you can stay focused and on track. If you get off track, you should have a strong facilitator to get you back on track.

3 › Don't come empty handed. You don't always have to bring gifts to meetings.  It might help bringing a small gift to remember you by, but leaving some sort of promotional content is more valuable.  You should make it a habit of bringing a brochure, business card, and/or swag with you to meetings.