How real estate professionals can generate more leads on Twitter

For those of us that use Twitter, we know that it's one of the best networks for marketing. However, you can’t simply post anything and magically expect to get a tone of clicks back to your website. Creating clickable tweets requires a strategy. Here are three free ways you can drive more traffic to your site with Twitter.

Short & Sweet ›

Be direct and to the point.  While you only have 140 characters, keeping tweets short and sweet will drive more actionable results.  Twitter followers are more likely to click on tweets that are direct.  Marketers and brokers tend to be too creative with twitter post and lose user engagement.  Remember, you're competing with millions of twitter real estate.  Using clear and specific language will help your followers exactly what to expect if they click on your link.

Tweet on the Weekends ›

Knowing when to tweet has more to do with knowing your audience than the volume of tweets.  Studies have shown that Twitter click through rates are highest on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  While knowing your audience is the bloodline of any business, each business varies and scheduling tweets on the weekend may drive a higher audience responds rate.

Use #Hashtags ›

Hashtags are a type of metadata that allow you to label your content.  Essentially hashtags make your post more searchable. It's the preferred way to get your post seen by people who are doing Twitter searches for the same keywords.  

The benefits of hashtags range from help your tweets get higher engagement to enhanced visibility from non followers. However,  don’t hashtag everything! Limit your hashtags to 1 - 2 per tweet.  Too many hashtags will make your post look sloppy and unprofessional.