How to Promote Real Estate Content

Create 10+ Snippets for Sharing Real Estate Content on Social Media »

Content driven marketing is one of the fastest ways to increase visibility on social media.  On average, a piece of content (news article, listing, product launch, etc...) should produce around 10 - to - 20 snippets (a small piece or brief extract) that you can share on social media.  

A snippet can be any of the following:
› Variations of a title
› Short statements from your content
› Short quotes from your content
› Statistics from the contentAnd much more

Go into your content and pull out at least 10 snippets. Then share the snippets on social media over the next several weeks. If the content does well, continue using the snippets.  Measure the success and failure of each snippet.

Social Sharing Tips & Tools:
WordPress plugins and tools that make it easy to tweet content:
› Tweet Old Post
› Tweetily
› Evergreen Post Tweeter

› Buffer is a great tool for sharing posts, new and old, on social media.

What is Content?
Content is information, creative material, and/or physical material (ie: real estate).