5 Effortless Ways to Use Linkedin to Generate Real Estate Leads

Believe it or not, LinkedIn is a great lead generating tool for Real Estate Agents & Brokers.  

As the unofficial social network for professionals, LInkedIn is an excellent lead generation tool for real estate professionals.  Data compiled from more than 5,000 companies found LinkedIn produced 277 percent more leads than Facebook and TwitterThat’s not to say you shouldn’t use those platforms to generate real estate leads, but it does mean you need an active presence on LinkedIn.

There is more to LinkedIn than simply signing up and randomly adding people to your business network. Real estate lead generation requires effort on your part. Fortunately, here are 5  Effortless Ways to Use LinkedIn to grow your contacts database.

» Make your Company Page stand out from those of other agents.

After creating your profile and company page, adding visual context will attract more visitors to your page.  Informative visual content can help your LinkedIn page. Just as photos, images, and graphics perform well on Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn provides a platform where you can publish multimedia and increase your real estate social media marketing.

» Use the Advanced Search feature to find people to connect with.

Advanced Search, a tool primarily used by job-hunters and companies hiring on LinkedIn, has other uses that can aid your real estate lead generation — notably, the ability to discover background information on current leads and to identify new prospects.

» Join or create Groups to reach community members.

LinkedIn's Group feature is your secrete weapon.  Many LinkedIn users don’t realize that LinkedIn allows you to connect with Groups. Similar to trade associations and event networking, LinkedIn Groups allows you to join and connect with a community.   Search & Join or Create your own LinkedIn real estate–related Group.  Once you find these LinkedIn communities, research members to see if they fit the criteria you typically look for in clients. 

» Publish lots of interesting content.

Similar to blogs and other social media accounts, posting a significant amount of content is essential to growing leads. The key is posting valuable content that drives traffic to your page.  Look at some of the best real estate agents and firms on LinkedIn and you’ll notice a trend: They all post content  — links, opinion pieces, and articles.  Of course posting content on your LinkedIn page is predicated on learning how to blog, but once you have your real estate blogging routine down, publishing content will deliver value results.

» Review your LinkedIn analytics to determine what is and isn’t working.

Use LinkedIn's analytics tools to review and analyze clicks, impressions, and overall performance. Determine which content and ads helped you gain more followers and interactions. Discover and alter your real estate marketing efforts on the platform frequently to better understand patterns.