RE:Tech Launches Falkon

RE:Tech is honored to announce the beta launch of Falkon, the world's first geo-integrated property information systems app, to the New York Real Estate Community.  Falkon provides real estate professionals the ability to instantly & accurately access validated property data and building contact information from their mobile device (iOS-Apple).  During the past several years, we've working with hundreds of brokers and owners to find innovative real estate solutions.  However,  it reinforced a fact we all know:  

Accessing real estate property data is inefficient and cumbersome.

We believe that:
Falkon can solve this problem.

We are proud to announce Falkon, the world's first geo-mobile property information systems platform, to the New York Real Estate Community. 

Real Estate Professionals now have the ability to access comprehensive real estate property data and validated building contact information faster and more efficiently.  Falkon aims to assist real estate professionals with the ability to instantly research buildings, generate leads, and increase deal flow.

Falkon will help you:

  • Maximize productivity and reclaim time for value-add activities that increase deal flow.
  • Reduce research time with a simplified research process.
  • Minimize risk prior to reaching out to property owners and managers with instant access to property data.


We hope you love Falkon as much as we do. If you have any feedback, we are eager to hear it. Please email us at