5 Sales Tips that will Increase Deal Flow in Real Estate

We all want to close more deals.  At times, the lowest lows can sometimes follow the highest highs.  How can we generate more leads?  And, how can we consistently replenish our deal pipeline?

Below are 5 prospecting tips.  Consistently incorporate these tips into your personal process to generate more deal flow.

Tips to Create Consistent Deal Flow

1) Always Be Prospect - Those who prospect every day will always outperform those who just sit and wait.

2) Know Your Market - Be choosy. Always be choosy.  Those who are specialized and know their market/industry will be better able to qualify leads and communicate with prospective clients/customers.   

3) Numbers Never Lie - You must know "How & What" numbers work to be a success and close deals.

4) Pricing for Success - It all comes down to the numbers.  Pricing competitively and discussing price will allow you and your prospective client/customer know where to you stand and where adjustments are needed to close a deal.

5) Social Media - Social media is worth the effort just as long you know how to play. Always go where your clients are.