RE:Tech Launches in San Francisco

For entrepreneurs, startups, and real estate professionals, there really is no place like Silicon Valley.  The robust, diverse, and controversial real estate ecosystem has provided the perfect market conditions for RE:Tech to launch RE:Tech SF.  

We are bringing our innovative brand and community in commercial and residential real estate, to solve inefficiencies and help bridge the gap between real estate and tech.  We will continue to study and research technology's impact on real estate and real estate's impact on tech, while studying San Francisco's dynamic real estate scene.   

San Francisco's 7X7 provides a dynamic tech and real estate landscape.  The high demand and low supply of real estate inventory has tech companies are concentrated nearly in the same geographic area. From Twitter, Square, and Uber's real estate growth on Market Street - to -Airbnb, Zynga, Pinterest, and Dropbox's calling SOMA (South of Market Street) HQ, real estate is a dynamic conversation, particularly as these companies to grow.  

We look forward to adding positive value to San Francisco's real estate tech ecosystem by providing insightful knowledge, impactful research, and community events.