PR Strategies for the Busy Real Estate Entrepreneur

Public relations is a grueling business. Everyone has a story to tell, but how can you amplify your story to get press coverage?  Readers access multiple online channels everyday and writers get bombarded with pitches seven days a week.  How can you keep your brand, your company, and your voice visible?

Cultivate Testimonials

Encourage your clients, users, anyone you've done a deal with to post a written or video testimonials on their social media channels. Initiating a steady flow of user testimonials is a way to let your customers do your PR work for you.

What's your Strategy?

What is your message?  Why should anyone care about you?  Why should anyone care about your story?  The first thing we work on with our clients is impact brand strategy... aka "Who am I?"  It can be tempting to pursue every possible channel, but for the busy real estate entrepreneur, that’s absolutely an inefficient business strategy.  Before sending out any release, find your voice.  After you know who you are, target your releases to people and journalist who care about your story.

Set aside 10 Minutes a Day

Having trouble keeping up with your social media?  The world of social media is challenging...very challenging.  Packed amongst an already busy schedule, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything. But instead of giving up and no longer trying to get involved, set aside 10 Minutes A Day to check your social profiles and posts in order to keep in touch with your community.