Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Trends

E-Mail Marketing Trends & Insight

Not all emails are created equally.  From effective branding to visual cues, email marketing is a science.  The best emails have a clear and concise message. 

As a former broker I tracked and measured my email stats.  Here are a few real estate growth hacking tips to better improve your email skills.

Keep your emails short and to the point.  In the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, between 40-60% of people are reading emails on their smartphones.  This means that people are on the go and will not read through your novel.

Capital Letters

Capital letters will increase your emails open rate and engagement.  Example: Top 5  Real Estate Marketing Trends


As mentioned before, keep it short.  Keep your emails simple and right to the point.  Avoid using salesy real estate lingo.

Be Creative

Be creative and ask questions.  As a source of knowledge, it's OK to ask questions.  Multiple research shows that questions will increase your click through rate.  Additionally, highlight your buttons adding color.  

Keep It Personal

Personalized emails increase your open rate.  Take the time to curate your list and make sure you know the person you're emailing.   Users are 20-30% more likely to open emails when addressed to their first name.  

Good Example: Hi Ashkan! 

Bad Example: I found the perfect space for your startup


The workforce and real estate community continues to get younger, make sure your emails are mobile friendly.  Responsive design...enough said!

Ashkan Zandieh | Founder, RE:Tech

Ashkan Zandieh | Founder, RE:Tech