The Importance of Inbound Marketing in Real Estate

For years, real estate companies used print media and traditional advertising to promote space and/or attract tenants. While traditional advertising can be successful, the reality is that it can be ineffective in today's digital age.  The future of lead generation and attracting tenants to your building or your firm is heavily rooted in inbounding marketing strategies.  

Three Inbounding Strategies for Real Estate companies.


Many brokers make the mistake of assuming their website is all they need as a marketing strategy.  But your presence on the web should go beyond your company’s website. Leveraging social media and web content to link back to your business is the easiest first step to begin marketing.  It helps drive traffic from a wider variety of online resources, increases the potential audience you can reach, and build trust.


We live and play in the physical and tangible world of real estate. Using elements of content marketing to promote availabilities, product, or service is one of the simplest ways to generate leads. 


It’s important to make it known when you've closed a deal, have a valuable opinion, or simply have something to say. People looking to explore new companies are always searching for insight into who’s doing good work and what they are saying. Publishing a running record of your work is one of the best ways to demonstrate your value.