The Future of Real Estate +Tech in 2015

Dear Real Estate + Tech Community,

2014 was an amazing year for the real estate + tech industry.  Innovation in real estate + tech is creating a new normal...a new competitive advantage within our industry.  Between, technological innovation, social innovation, innovation in infrastructure & cities, and innovation in marketing & branding, our industry is on the path to do some amazing things. 

To date, venture capitalists invested nearly $488 million in 45 deals in 2014. By end of year, venture capital (VC) investments are estimated to reach nearly $680 million in 60 deals. In 2014, the average venture capital investment per quarter reached nearly $237.35 million in terms of dollars and an average of 23 deals per quarter. Year-over- year, VC investments have increased by nearly 300% since 2013.

Globally, in the first quarter of 2014, nearly $240,390,000 was invested in real estate tech companies, while in the United States VC investments in real estate tech reached nearly $31,820,000 

2015 is going to be an awesome year for our industry. However, we need more meaningful innovation and high level conversations beyond the surface level and "low hanging fruit" of the real estate industry.  In order to have a more long term impact and have a high adoption rate, innovation and "disruptive" technology must serve a valuable and meaningful purpose to the local, national, and/or international real estate community.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year.


Ash Zandieh

Founder | RE:Tech