No, You Don’t Need To Be On Instagram

Personally, Instagram is awesome!  I love using it to get inspired and share photos with friends.  

Social media isn’t for everyone.  If you're a B2B company, being on Instagram or any social channel has its advantages, especially brokerage.  However, if not used correctly, being on Instagram could definitely hurt your business. We only think we have to be on social media because a few companies and celebrities attract a disproportionate share of the attention.

You should only be on Instagram if:

  1. Your customers/clients are on Instagram

  2. You want to inbound customers/clients 

  3. Your business is dependent on Instagram

Always...always...always...handle your business and create valuable content.  Listings and available space is not valuable content!  No one cares about how many square feet you have available or how close it is to mass transit!  Create valuable content that drives actionable results in order for people to care about your company and your listings and/or services will sell themselves.