CRE Tech Trends for 2015

The Future of Real Estate Tech in 2015/2016 

The real estate industry is currently experiencing several fundamental shifts that is reshaping its future.  While many of the trends are already prevalent,  as primary residential and commercial real estate markets continue to positively perform, investments in real estate and real estate tech appear to be on similar trajectories.  

What to Expect in 2015/2016

  • Venture Capital Investments

Expect investments to gain momentum in 2015 as more complex real estate tech companies aim to solve operational inefficiencies in the real estate industry.

Excitement around real estate tech has brought increased attention amongst real estate tech entrepreneurs. Expect an increase in “me too”/ copycat companies that resemble existing high profile startups.

Expect investors (VC’s and institutional investors) who missed the boat on earlier real estate tech investments begin to make investments in real estate tech.

  • Frothy Follow On Rounds

Expect investments into existing real estate tech companies to increase in 2015. As most real estate tech companies raise their growth capital (Series B Round), valuations will remain frothy.

  • New York – London Exchange

Expect real estate tech investments around the world to increase in 2015, particularly in London.