Creating A Better Real Estate Workflow in 3 Steps

Speed kills!  In todays market, speed and agility are necessary tools when building a business in the new real estate market economy. You need to move at a fast pace in order to out pace your competition.  Implementing a process that allows you to monitor progress 

In order to operate effectively,  finding ways to better structure growing teams is one of the most difficult things to do in any business, let alone a real estate business. Establishing and understanding clear lines of communication and team-wide visibility of goals and objectives at scale, are the simplest to set up yet most difficult to implement.  

Here are 3 productivity tips to scale your business and/or grow your team by establishing the Tech "Scrum" Methodology in the Real Estate world. 

1.  Keep Track of Team Priorities & Tactics

In order to scale and communicate across different teams, you need a way to stay up to date on projects. If you're looking for project/task management tools, check out Todoist, Wunderlist, or Toodledo.

2.  Organize “Micro Teams” within teams

Every month for the top company priorities assign teams with a ‘lead’ (or Scrum master). The "micro team" is empowered with all the components it needs to execute. As part of work flow management, similar to the modern assembly line, having micro teams sit next to each other and consider these fellow employees as their ‘first team’ rather than their functional team, will increase workflow and productivity.

3.  Daily 15 Minute Meetings

Running into unique problems is nothing new. In order to minimize risk, emails and keep communication crisp, every morning every micro team should have a daily 15 minutes meeting to go over:

  • What they did the day before
  • What they are working on today
  • Communicate any roadblocks/issues